Let your guests snap the photos.

Entertain your guests with our interactive private photo sharing for live events. Invt.me provides full-screen live slideshows for your events and guests can submit photos from their smartphones in real-time at your events.

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Let's face it, you can't be there to capture every unique experience. Give your guests the right tool to capture every angle of your event.

Create an event photo album

Unlike the competetion we won't be counting your guests or charging you per event. We want event albums to be easier to setup and much more affordable. Our customers will agree, invt.me keeps your guests entertained. No one wants to attend a boring event...right?

  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Import Contacts
  • Free Storage for 60 days after event
  • Export Photos

Guests share photos in real-time

These days almost all your guests will have a smartphone or access to a computer after the event, let them share their captured moments from your events. Upload photos before or during the event yourself to keep the party going. Invt.me makes sharing memories easier then ever!

  • One-click Guest registration
  • Cross-device
  • Fast Uploads
  • File chunking/shrinking
  • Smart-phones supported
  • Lazy-loading
  • Simple layout

Live full-screen slideshows

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing photos you posted pop up on the big screen. Guests will be engaged in watching the real-time slideshow and posting their own photos from perspectives your photographers may have missed.

  • Live/Real-time streaming pictures
  • Guests can add photos
  • Easy Moderation
  • TV/Projector Ready
  • Simple controls

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